Physical server

There can be various reasons why one might want a physical server. Whether it is to be placed in your premises or if you want it to be placed in our data center, we are happy to assist. We offer both purchase and financing options.

In addition to our specialists providing configurations and quotes tailored to your needs free of charge, we can also help with everything from installation to ongoing maintenance. 

With our service 'Server Operations,' our support department, using the market's best remote monitoring management tools, takes care of monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades of the server. 

The sophisticated tool provides the server with a secure and encrypted connection to our support. Our support department ensures, among other things, that important security updates are performed, that malfunctions are detected, and proactive measures are taken to prevent downtime.


The advantage of placing the server in our data center is that you benefit from the customized facilities that are difficult to match in-house.

The keywords for the data center are security and redundancy. This permeates everything from monitoring to backup power, cooling, and fiber connections.

  • Physical server
  • Located at your place or ours
  • We assist with what you want