Simple Financing

Technix, in collaboration with Nordea Finance, offers financing at an advantageous monthly rate. Don't tie up capital in equipment that depreciates in value; instead, invest your money in growing your business! As always, with our philosophy, we go against the grain and have completely removed the possibility of automatic contract extension. You can be assured that when you sign a contract with us, you will only pay for the contract duration you have chosen.

How it works

Add the products you wish to order and then go to the shopping cart. Select the contract duration, fill in your details, and place the order. Nordea will review the agreement, and once approved, the contract will be emailed for signing. After the signing is completed, your products will be ordered as usual.


Nordea Finance offers a comprehensive all-risk insurance that covers damage, theft, and machine damage. The insurance is optional but is automatically included. It costs 4% of the product's value per year, with a deductible of 1,000 SEK*. We recommend that you review the exact insurance terms as there may be certain exceptions.


Startup Fee: 0 SEK
Invoice Fee: 75 SEK - the agreement is billed quarterly by default
Buyout Option: If you wish to keep the products after the contract period has ended, you have the option to purchase them for 10% of the financed value. For example, a phone that normally costs 10,000 SEK would cost 1,000 SEK to buy out.