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Collaboration without boundaries

With PLAYipp's digital information screens, you can communicate with the entire organization. It's just as easy to share information across the room as it is to the other side of the world. Contact us, and we'll tell you more about how we can tailor a solution for your corporate communication!

Discover the simplicity of digital information screens

With smart integrations and features, PLAYipp® eliminates all double work, as you can easily integrate the systems you use today with a user-friendly and simple interface. The screens are updated automatically directly in the shop window or in the places where you meet your customer


Layouts & Templates

There are ready-made layouts to choose from, or you can create your own, no problem. You can also build QUICKnotes to easily publish text and images in your screen areas, directly in PLAYipp. If you want to schedule content on the screen, that's not a problem either. PLAYipp® works seamlessly with both landscape and portrait screens. You choose the layout based on the placement. We always fit in.

Technology & Features

  • Energysaving mode extends the screen's lifespan and saves energy
  • Schedule your content to always be relevant
  • Gather all your material in one place
  • Keep track of connected screens
  • Digital signage with touch support
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