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Password manager

A smart and secure password manager that protects your business.


A password manager comes with many great features that make everyday life easier and more secure.
Here, we list the main benefits that we believe will help you.


By combining these two technologies, organizations can create a robust and user-friendly security infrastructure.

Auto-generate password

Automatically generate random and complex passwords. Eliminate the risk of users choosing weak or predictable passwords.

Secure sharing

Simplify collaboration without the need to share passwords directly through insecure communication channels.

Automatic login

By automatically filling in usernames and passwords for users on websites and apps,
the risk of 'shoulder surfing' is reduced.

Mobile application

Even when you're on the go, you don't have to compromise on security. Secure usage with Face ID, Touch ID & SSO (Single Sign-On).

Military-grade encryption

The platform is SOC II (Type 2) certified. Our password manager has everything you need to manage your passwords and document your processes.

Reinforce your digital defense strategy

More and more companies and organizations have become targets of a growing wave of cyberattacks. These attacks not only pose a serious risk to the digital security of businesses but can also result in extensive financial losses. A password manager is a powerful tool that can significantly contribute to minimizing the risks of cyberattacks and enhancing overall cybersecurity.

Take control of your sensitive data

With the transition to hybrid work, there has been an increase in cybersecurity risks, making the adoption of password policies more crucial than ever. With our password manager, you can ensure that your organization has strong and secure passwords securely stored and easily accessible to users when needed.

Our offer

We've crafted the simplest offer possible. Access all features, including our dedicated email support. Everything typically found in more expensive premium versions is included in our solution - no add-ons or package upgrades needed. No complicated commitments or hidden fees. Try our solution for free for 14 days!

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