Whether you're looking for a partner to assist with a physical server or hosting, we tailor the right solution for your needs.

Let our resources become yours!

With the help of our experienced technicians and consultants, we can customize the solution and, if desired, handle all or parts of the operation. Let our resources become yours!

From start to finish or just something in between If you're just looking for a quote on a physical server or need help migrating to Microsoft Azure - regardless of the scope, we are happy to assist with both hardware and services.

Our Server-as-a-Service offering is divided into three different areas:

  • Physical Server
  • Cloud Server
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Inhouse technicians
  • We assist with what you need
Physical server
The hardware can be placed either with us or with you. We offer you both purchasing and financing options. The server can be installed, monitored, and maintained continuously by us if you wish. We would be happy to provide a quote.
Cloud server
If you prefer to avoid physical hardware, we can spin up a virtual server within minutes. Our data centers are located in Sweden and maintain a rigorous level of security. All data remains in Sweden.
Microsoft Azure
Do you want to move up to Azure? Our technicians and consultants have completed many projects. Let us help for a smoother transition where you can utilize Microsoft's full potential. Whether you just want consultancy or if the project is to be entirely managed by us, we're happy to be involved.
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