There's a lot to consider... licenses, warranties, support, different computer models, configuration, antivirus, ongoing maintenance and updates, handling of outdated computers, and not least, time and costs. Wouldn't it be nice to have it managed by a dedicated partner – all packaged in the form of a monthly cost.

With our service 'Workplace-as-a-Service,' you get both cost control, support, and free up a lot of time. You no longer need to worry about finding invoices, phone numbers, or trying to solve problems yourself. With a single point of contact, you and your users get assistance from us.

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Circular Alternative
Do you want to do a good deed for the environment while making cost savings? We also provide used products that have undergone thorough testing where the product's functions and components are checked, reconditioned, and repaired if necessary. Workplace-as-a-Service with a green touch

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  • Hardware
  • Support
  • Installation/Implementation
  • Connection to our helpdesk
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates
  • Managed antivirus
  • Lifecycle management
  • No initial investment cost
  • Always modern equipment

How it works


We assess your needs and provide suggestions for suitable computer models and accessories, such as monitors, docking stations, keyboards, and mice.


The service includes unlimited free support - call in, get assistance via TeamViewer, or email us whenever and as much as you want regarding computer issues.


We configure the computer in advance so that the user receives a ready-to-use device.

Connection to our helpdesk 

Using the market's best remote monitoring management tools, we monitor, maintain, and update your users' computers. This sophisticated tool ensures secure and encrypted connections between the computers and our support.

Ongoing Maintenance and Updates 

Our support department takes care of tasks such as performing crucial security updates, detecting malfunctions on computers, and taking proactive measures to prevent disruptions.

No Initial Investment Costs and Always Modern Equipment 

With Workplace-as-a-Service, you ensure that you always have modern IT equipment. After 36 months, we can provide you with new equipment.

Managed Antivirus 

With a threat landscape that is increasingly prevalent, it is a daunting challenge to constantly ensure that you have adequate protection on all computers. With Workplace-as-a-Service, we handle this for you using world-class antivirus protection. We provide your computers with antivirus protection and take care of monitoring, regular checks, and scheduled virus scans.

Lifecycle Management 

We take back the equipment and ensure, among other things, that the hard drive is wiped, so your information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Sale and Leaseback 

If you already have IT equipment – no problem! We propose a solution where we buy back the equipment from you and use it as the basis for your Workplace-as-a-Service. Only new users need new IT equipment. You get all the benefits of the service.


If you want to make it even simpler and have fewer points of contact, we also manage your Microsoft 365 licenses. We are a Microsoft CSP partner. Get everything on one invoice, both Workplace-as-a-Service and the licenses.


With the "Backup" add-on, we can back up Microsoft 365 and/or the entire computer. Everything is sent and stored securely and encrypted.