The intranet is the digital hub of an organization. A well-designed intranet is often a cornerstone for a well-organized company.
Here, employees can read news, share information, and collaborate.

Simple for everyone

We have built intranets for many companies and organizations, providing ongoing support. Our solutions are based on Microsoft SharePoint, which is included in the most common Microsoft subscriptions.

From start to finish or just something in between

We can build the intranet from scratch and manage the solution continuously. You take care of the fun part, such as posting news articles, while we handle structural changes and build features.

We can also establish the basic structure and then instruct you on how to add features. After that, we are available as support and can assist when needed.

Right information in the right place

A SharePoint-based intranet is a secure storage space that can also be permission-regulated. Some pages, folders, or documents on the intranet can be restricted to only be accessible to certain selected individuals or groups.

Moreover, accessing the intranet is easy as it is web-based.

Document Library

With a central point for information, you can ensure that all employees always have correct and updated information and the "latest version" of various documents. All information on the intranet becomes searchable. It becomes your "own Google.
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