Must I report my meter reading?
No, we automatically collect data from the machines.

Where can I find drivers for the machines?
Click here to access Kyocera's drivers!

Do you deliver nationwide?
Yes, we do.

Where are your service technicians located?
We have technicians spread throughout the country. The response time is 8 hours.
If you encounter issues with your solution, you can submit a fault report here or contact us by phone.

Can we view the printers or receive a demonstration of the solutions?
Yes, certainly. We are happy to showcase our products and solutions. If you want to inspect the hardware, we can schedule a demonstration.
Software solutions can be demonstrated on-site at your location.

Can you offer your solutions in multiple countries?
Yes, we can. Conducting cross-border deliveries and installations requires a lot of experience and knowledge, something we have accumulated.
We know how to handle it. Contact us, and we'll provide more information!

We are interested in switching to your services, but we are already under contract. Can anything be done?
Yes, it can. We have a growth strategy and are willing to make a financially challenging deal as we work on a long-term basis with our clients.