What is important in a printing solution?

We believe we have identified several criteria for a successful customer experience:
  • Reliability
  • User-friendliness
  • Cost 
  • Environment
  • Service & Support 
  • Productivity
  • Flexibility
  • Security

We are not alone in these insights. However, with our many years of experience, we have developed solutions that truly meet these criteria. Technix is an independent reseller, meaning we always strive to deliver the best on the market. We have no obligations to deliver a specific type of solution. We constantly survey the market to find the best solutions to make our customers satisfied.

Not just empty talk! How do we do it?

Reliability - If we deliver an inadequate solution, we will spend time fixing errors. This benefits neither us nor, most importantly, our customers. Therefore, we rigorously test the products we sell. We know the products we sell, and we know how to tailor a solution to the customer's needs.

User-friendliness - As a natural part of our installation process, we take the time to customize the menus on the machines' displays so that they have the right functionality for each customer. We create customer-specific cheat sheets, where the customized menu is described in a simple way to reduce the burden on the IT department.

Cost - With our billing model, we can reduce your operating costs. Watch this video for more information!

Environment - Many manufacturers have good environmental practices, but which ones stand out? Kyocera has innovative solutions to take it to a new level. Two concrete examples are the toner container and the printer drums. The toner container is a standard consumable that needs to be replaced regularly. To minimize environmental impact, Kyocera has developed a solution where the black toner cartridge, when empty, becomes a toner container. You simply feed the used black toner cartridge into the toner container slot, and voila, you have a new toner container.

Drums are also a standard consumable that needs to be replaced regularly. Kyocera's drums are made of fine ceramics, the same material used in high-performance car brakes—one of the world's strongest materials. A drum generally lasts around 100,000 prints before it is used up. Kyocera's drums last up to 600,000 prints. Fewer drum changes lead to fewer downtimes, less environmental impact (materials, manufacturing, and transportation), and, of course, lower costs.

Service & Support - We have integrated our systems with Kyocera. This means our machines are monitored in real-time to identify malfunctions. We know the products we sell and can fix errors quickly and efficiently.

Productivity - Is it possible to streamline workflows with the printing solution? The answer is yes. It can be as simple as quick selections on the display to advanced scanning solutions. We know the possibilities.

Flexibility - Our contracts are dynamic, and the products we work with are expandable. If your needs change, we can accommodate them.

Security - A multifunction printer is as vulnerable to attacks as other devices in the IT environment. We help you secure your environment with adequate measures.