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Client management is a service where, with the help of the market's best remote monitoring
management tools, we monitor, maintain, and update your users' computers.

Let us do the work!

The sophisticated tool provides secure and encrypted connectivity to our support for the computers.

Our support department takes care of important security updates, detects malfunctions on the computers, and proactively takes measures to avoid downtime on the computers. Everything is conveniently packaged in a fixed monthly fee per computer.


With an increasingly present threat landscape, it is a challenging task to constantly ensure that you have adequate protection on all computers.

With our PC operations services, we handle this for you using world-class antivirus protection. We provide your computers with antivirus protection and take care of monitoring, regular checks, and scheduled virus scans. With our cloud-based antivirus protection, we can detect anomalies and threats, taking action to prevent issues from arising.

With the service, we ensure that all computers are always protected, so you don't have to worry about it. Antivirus is included in Medium and Large plans.

Worldclass Client management
  • We assist your users
  • Experienced technicians and consultants
  • Support via TeamViewer
  • Support via phone
  • Support via RMM application
  • Microsoft partner

No complicated contracts or long binding periods!

Small – The Small package includes "remote monitoring management," meaning we monitor, maintain, and update your users' computers through a secure and encrypted connection.

Medium – The Medium package also includes antivirus protection, updated and monitored by our service desk, ensuring that users' computers always have the right protection.

In addition to the features in the above packages, the Large package also includes the following:

• Microsoft 365 Business Standard. Technix is a CSP partner to Microsoft. If you already have Microsoft 365 subscriptions, we take over the responsibility for them. The license cost is already included in the monthly cost for the Large package. If your organization needs additional licenses, they can be added.

• Backup of Microsoft 365. Unlimited backup volume and history. The service backs up all data in the Microsoft environment to protect data deleted accidentally or intentionally by users. The backup covers Email, OneDrive, SharePoint, and files saved in Teams.

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