Logistics services

Do you want your own warehouse, avoid interruptions if a product breaks down, or have everything pre-installed? We have the solutions for your business!


Do you want to ensure that a product is available when you need it? With our "Warehousing" service, we ensure that we have a number of products set aside for you in our warehouse. You don't pay for the products until you receive them. Whether it's iPhones or clients, we can develop a setup that suits you.

We warehouse products for both smaller and larger companies and deliver both within Sweden and to other countries. If you also want our help preconfiguring the devices, assembling items such as SIM cards, attaching accessories and components, or performing any other action, we are happy to assist.

Preconfiguration and Kitting

Do you want to save time configuring devices and attaching accessories and components? Let us help you! We offer everything from Windows Autopilot management to preconfiguration of Apple devices.

We also handle the assembly of accessories such as display and backside protectors, SIM cards, and components on various devices. We can also assemble instructions or other documentation, and we can involve our technical department to assist your users with startup issues.

Some examples of services we provide to our customers include:

  • Deliveries of Windows Autopilot-registered devices
  • Deliveries of traditionally image-loaded devices
  • Preconfigured iPhones with display protectors and SIM cards from the phone operator
  • Deliveries of printers with installed WiFi cards and customized instructions for end-users

The end user receives the device ready for use with minimal effort from the IT department.


Do you want the ability to quickly handle a malfunctioning device or have someone take care of interim storage when a user leaves? With our SWAP services, we can ensure that users with a defective device receive a functioning device when they send in their defective device. We handle warranty issues and ensure that devices that are repaired are factory reset and placed in the SWAP inventory, making it possible to quickly ensure that the next user gets efficient assistance.

We also handle devices returned when an employee leaves. The devices are factory reset and placed in your SWAP inventory with us, ready to be delivered to a new employee.

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