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Discover how Upp Law Firm, a newly established company just like yours, underwent a digital revolution and reshaped its entire digital strategy with the help of our services.

"In collaboration with Technix, we were not only able to enhance our online presence but also streamline our workflows with tailored IT solutions. Technix's expertise in IT assisted us in implementing efficient digital tools and cloud-based platforms, resulting in increased productivity and smoother operations."

What should one consider?

The process of registering a company, applying for F-tax, VAT registration, etc., is relatively easy to find information about. However, navigating the complexities of building the structure with domains, email addresses, and determining the right IT solutions can be a jungle.

Should one choose Google or Microsoft as a platform? What applications and tools do we need? How do we avoid choosing licenses at too low or high levels? How should we think about security?

So, we pondered the two most important questions of all:

How can we stay at the forefront of IT without internal IT expertise? What do we need for a secure IT solution that meets our needs?

All these aspects were assisted by Technix IT AB at Upp Law Firm.

"In collaboration with Technix, we not only obtained information about must-haves, but we also had someone to bounce ideas and needs off of to ensure that we had the right solutions in place.

Technix assisted us in both building the environment and establishing security measures. Now, we have a collaborative partner helping us maintain our IT environment and providing user support with client management and other IT-related needs.

By entrusting Technix with the management of our IT environment and setup, we were able to quickly embark on our business journey where IT became a crucial tool.

The year we started was 2022, and today, we are still clients due to their excellent support and personalized interaction with us as customers."

Erik Edström

Lawyer, Upp Advokat